Let’s welcome your child to the world in style with a Naming Ceremony!

Naming ceremonies are the non-religious celebration of the arrival and the introduction to the world of your new child. While it is not a legal ceremony, it is a great way to welcome your child and gives your family and friends an opportunity to meet him/her.

These ceremonies involve everyone who is or will be important in the child’s life, and new parents will often ask their friends or relations to act as a sponsor or guardian for their child. This is a role that should not be taken lightly, as a sponsor or guardian may be asked to be a special confidante of the child, to guide him/her through troubling times in their life, but to also be there for any celebrations that mark the child’s life through to adulthood. As a sponsor or guardian you may also be asked to take an active part in the ceremony by reading a poem special to the parents or to you. (Please note that this does not have the same legal responsibility that being a child’s legal guardian does)

Each ceremony is different. Poems or readings significant to the parents or special music can be incorporated into the ceremony, and other rituals can also be used. These can include a sand ceremony like the colourful one pictured,  lighting of candles, or wish boxes, in which every person present writes a wish for the child and these wishes are then placed in a decorated box for the child to read at a later date. You may also like to have flower petals showered on the child as a form of blessing when his/her name is given. To see a sample poem that I have written for other children click on these links:

Hudson                    Khale                    Angus                    Joshua

Celebrate your love with a Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a celebration of your love and a special day in your life – your wedding day.

Many people choose to have a vow renewal on an important anniversary eg 10th, 20th, 25th. After many years of marriage it is a chance to re-affirm your commitment to and love for each other, to remind you both of why you married, when you married, your hopes then and your hopes now and for the future.  Maybe you have been going through a rough patch and a vow renewal will set you both looking forward again with love.

You can re-affirm at any stage and time – some do it every few years, some wait for longer – there is no right or wrong time to renew your love.

Your venue can be anywhere and you can invite whoever you want. How amazing would it be to have your original wedding party attend your vow renewal? Or your children? If you have a copy of your original wedding ceremony, we can base your vow renewal ceremony on it, and incorporate all the events of your married life.

There are no legal elements in a Vow Renewal ceremony, so you can have whatever content you like. There are not many poems or readings for Vow Renewals, so I have written my own. Let me know what you think of The Vow Renewal

Express your love with a Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony is available for those who wish to formalise their union and show their love for each other without taking the legal step of marriage. It is available for couples who have been happily together for several or many years and who wish to publicly acknowledge their feelings for and their commitment to their partner.

To see a portion of the beautiful Joshua’s Naming Ceremony by Cairns Celebrant Janine Meakin, check out the Youtube video

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